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Certified Courses

What Makes Our Courses Different Than Other Courses
(Applicants have to work to achieve a certificate of competence)

Each applicant has to demonstrate an understanding of theory and practice during and after the course this is measured against a set of standards, once this has been achieved the applicant will be awarded a certificate of competence in the subject area.

Applicants who require a little more help than others will be supported through this process at every stage.

Why Do Organisations & Applicants Use AHPL

Quite simply, organisations want staff to learn and gain new skills, they know that the applicant will towards certification of competence and demonstrate a level of theory and practice, this will then be transferred into the work place.

We do not believe handing out certificates for attending a course is in the best interest of the organisation and more importantly the applicant.

Through research the overall percentage of applicants are frustrated attending certificated courses, with no need to apply themselves in the subject area , at AHPL our courses of curious, vibrant, experimental, energised and focussed on the aspiration of learning.

Your certificate is evidence that you have learnt the subject area and you are able to demonstrate theory and practice. This can be used as additional evidence in gaining National Vocational Qualifications and meeting CSCI's expectations.





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